A Word from Mamusia

Dear Friends,

Another difficult year has passed, full of challenges and losses, but also successes and joy. I am sure God allows us to face the occasional challenge to test us. But if we stay strong and faithful, rewards come our way.

Many of these rewards come from you, our faithful friends from all over the world. As I keep saying, we are very grateful, and can only hope that the Good Lord above will reward you, because I down here below cannot.

Thank you so very much for all your donations and regular monthly contributions for our children. Much of the money, is always used for school fees and other school-related expenses.... Read more...


Cash, parcel, donations should be issued in the name of Kasisi Orphanage

Financial donations to Kasisi Children's Home should be done through Electronic/ International Transfers and not cheques. Please always email Sister Mariola for further instructions and clarifications.

Lend a Hand
Kasisi Children’s Home urgently needs computers; black school shoes – any size; school bags – any type or colour; Baby formula – NAN 1, 2 & 3; washing powder; bathing soap; pampers (diapers); blankets; and, toys.

Please visit Our Monthly Expenses for details.

How Kasisi changed my life

 - "I remember thinking I wouldn’t make friends. I was right. Instead of friends I made family, sisters, brothers." - Chile

If you want to find the spring

 "Children in Kasisi teach me many things. They show me what the most important in life is." - Kasia Zych
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Our Latest News

New physiotherapy building

Soon our children and all the children with special needs from Kasisi area will be able to enjoy the new physiotherapy unit. The last two photos are of our children having their physiotherapy sessions in the room we presently use.

First Holy Communication

Some of our children received First Holy Communication last Sunday, February 20. Among them was Amanda- the happiest girl who always finds the reason to smile.

Our children's paintings are available for sale.
Come and enjoy!


Playtime at Kasisi

Kasisi now on  Amazon

Kasisi is now registered with Smile Amazon. We will get charity donations whenever friends of Kasisi buy through Smile Amazon, once they have named Kasisi as their chosen charity.

Courtesy of Barbara McKay of Kasisi United Kingdom

Ginwala family donates

On the first anniversary of death of our great friend and benefactor Mr Ginwala, his family brought 270 portions of chicken and chips for our children!

In the photo the grandson of Mr. Ginwala-Jusuf.

We are very blessed to have such a good and loving family.
May God reward you.

A special couple

Nenani and Gladys returned to Kasisi to give themselves the sacrament and start a new journey together in the place that shaped them.

Many years ago, Nenani went to the United States as a youngster. That's where he finished college and started working. When he returned to Zambia and visited his home in Kasisi, he met Gladys, who worked for us as one of the moms. On Saturday, April 10, they said ′′YES"!

Once You Enter, You Will Never Be the Same
When my daughter was in eighth grade, she came home from school bubbling about Mother Theresa and all she had done to help those in need. She was so eager to learn more about her... Even today, eight years later, it brings tears to my eyes, like it did then. These children were joyful and beautiful. All the preparation and planning and to-do lists had culminated in this one moment."
Elizabeth Bradfield
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Its Christmas time again!
We thank Mr Chris Miller for inviting our children to Lilayi Lodge for lunch and educational tour. Children had wonderful time watching elephants and enjoying delicious meal.

Bank of Zambia - Finance department has been helping us for the last five years. Also this Christmas they remembered our children and brought various donations to make them happy. We are very grateful for their love and care.
More news..., Christmas at Kasisi in pictures

Dr. Liza Oparaocha
and her family baked 19 Christmas cakes for our children.

We are very grateful to Dr. Liza for her kindness and help.

CML Zambia presented us with two beautiful cakes: one for Christmas and one for New Year. They were so special that none of them survived until Christmas! Thank you very much Mr. Michael McIntyre and CML family.



Mr. Christopher Chileshe

On his birthday together with his family he brought gifts for our children.

We are very happy and grateful to them.

Special Visitors on a special day

On October 24, our Independence Day, the former vice president of Zambia, Guy Lindsay Scott, and his wife, Charlotte Harland Scott, paid us a visit.

We are grateful.

Meet Lawson and Dr Chabala


Dr Chabala

Lawson Chishimba is our new male nurse. He is very dedicated to his duties and takes his job very seriously. He is very helpful especially at this time when most of us suffer from flu and other problems Children love him and we hope he will stay at Kasisi for a very long time.

And, our volunteer Dr.Chishala Chabala comes frequently to monitor health of our children. We are grateful for his continuous help and support.



Last updated
Saturday March 05, 2022


April 15, 2021

Let us pray for Marie Cross who was a very faithful friend of Kasisi for the last thirty years.

Rest In Peace Marie, you will always live in our hearts and our prayers.

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