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Saturday September 10, 2016


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2016 Kasisi Children's Home

a word from Mamusia

Dear Friends,

It seems that time at Kasisi runs faster than elsewhere!

The days are short and when I have a quiet moment in the evening, I realise how many things were not done, how many problems were not solved and how many words were not spoken. Then I remember hundreds of  hugs I received and thousands of smiles I noticed during the past day! Everything else can wait!

Children and their joyful faces fill every corner of Kasisi making this place a small piece of heaven on earth.

During the past few months many children were reunited with their extended families. It is always a very happy event when they come back for a visit. Then we can see that with our help they started a new chapter of the life that they should have from the beginning: in the loving environment of natural family.

Many more children joined us in hope to find safety, peace and love. We do everything we can to make them feel at home and when the right time comes we will be happy to let them go and face the future on another level of life.

As I prepare myself for a short trip to the United States, I wonder what message I should carry with me from this home called Kasisi.

The feeling of joy and deep gratitude comes first as I think of the Country and its wonderful people who opened their hearts and homes for Tamara, Nenani and many more of my children to receive great education, a lot of love and safe future.

I hope your prayer and thoughts will be with me as I travel.

May God be with you all and may He reward you for everything you have done and keep doing for us.

s. Mariola

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