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Friday December 22, 2017

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New Study Room
Since the replacement of our old wall fence, we got some additional space around our home. This allowed us to build two additional study rooms which are being used by the children not only for studying but also as computer rooms.

Six computers were donated by Friends of Kasisi from different countries. To make our joy complete, a wonderful team from Microsoft donated internet connection and offered us assistance in providing educational programs for children.

At the same time Kasisi Study Fund with the help of Dutch donors provided ten (10) small tablets with complete primary school program in seven Zambian languages.

Thank You
We are very grateful to the ​Friends of Kasisi ​and ​various organizations ​like Share4More Foundation (Rabo​B​ank, the Netherlands) and Kasisi Foundation Poland in particular which enabled ​our children ​in 2015 ​to join or continue their primary, secondary and/or further education, in ​studies like nursing, medicine, para-medicals​, agriculture, art, ​computer science, catering and management, and teacher training.​

Nearly all of them enjoy their education and have become keen students. However, some children stopped after grade 9 and could not be convinced to continue their secondary school. They opted for employment and we managed to get them jobs with boarding facilities closer to their working place, while Kasisi remains their home during weekends. A few rejoined their relatives.

Most of our grade 12 students graduated and were accepted for their tertiary education of their choice. ​A​ few have to rewrite exams in mathematics and/or science, in order to be enrolled at their respected colleges/universities. They will be guided by part time lecturers. In the meantime they'll work temporary at or nearby Kasisi Children's Home to gain practical experience.

We appreciate your kindness and on behalf of all the children we wish you a Merry Christmas and a blessed 2016.





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