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How Kasisi changed my life - Testimonials from our children



My name is Chileshe. I am 17 years old, turning 18 on the 13th of March. I finished my Grade Twelve in 2016 and now I’m planning to go to University to study Social Work.

I came to Kasisi in 2014 when I was in Grade Ten, during this time I was going through a lot of health problems such that I missed school a lot, I often thought I would never finish school. I was so sad but all thanks to the Lord who came to me through the kind hearted loving sisters at Kasisi who made all the medical procedures needed and I was better in less than nine months.

I agree that the medicine gave me worked but I would say the love, care and support they showered me with healed me. I was so happy, free-minded and I gained weight fast. Not only was I happy about my recovery but I was schooling at Kasisi Girls Secondary School which is a very good school. That made me happier than ever:

Kasisi is a very big family with children of all ages, I come from a family where I am the only child, no sibling and so this makes me a shy person when it comes to making new friends, I remember thinking I wouldn’t make friends and I was right; instead of friends I made family, sisters, brothers and loving mothers that will stay in my heart forever.

Living in Kasisi has also taught me how to be responsible and caring to the young ones, Sr Mariola always encourages us to be responsible because it will help us to grow into good people.

I discovered a talent I never knew I had, there is a saying that people with strong fingers are the ones to play a guitar and for me with weak and soft fingers I had no chance of playing it, so I thought but here in Kasisi everything is possible if you believe. I was encouraged by Sr Mariola and a certain Father Bogdan to play the guitar and I did so, I played it and till now I am still playing it and I actually love it. Same with the piano, I did not know I could learn it but I did and I am so happy all thanks to my Kasisi family.

Kasisi is a lovely home and it will always be in my heart for as long as I live I love it and I will always treasure this home in my life and I pray to our heavenly Father that he may bless Kasisi and everyone in here.

I love Kasisi.


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